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Legal services in Russia for foreign persons and companies. Litigation and due diligence.


Who we are

advocate Vladimir Chikin

Vladimir Chikin
Advocate, managing partner

Andrey Zaytsev

Andrey Zaytsev
Senior partner

VVCL is a Russian law firm which provides legal services to domestic and foreign companies, governmental authorities and individuals. VVCL advises its clients in many areas of law, but from the very beginning the principal field of our services has been the same – litigation.

The main VVCL office is located in Moscow, representation offices – in Krasnodar, Nizhny Novgorod and Ryazan.

VVCL team consists of well-reputed experts of Russian law with significant expertise in dispute resolution. Our attorneys achieved great results working in consulting, business and state entities, and as well providing legal research. There are advocates among VVCL lawyers, and according to Russian law it allows VVCL to take on projects complicated with criminal issues.

VVCL provides legal services both in English and in Russian. It defines its wide opportunities in solving disputes with the involvement of foreign individuals and companies, and also disputes concerning international trade.

We are dedicated to helping clients manage risk, maximize opportunities and move their business forward. Our lawyers are nimble, creative and pragmatic, working tenaciously to protect and promote our clients’ interests in Russia.

Efficiency and effectiveness are the highest priority for us, and we continue to look for ways to partner with clients in identifying new strategies, new approaches and different ways of working together to optimize results.

We are thankful for all our clients for their approval and confidence. And we are proud of our commitment to excellence, the interesting matters we handle and the impressive clients we serve.

If you are seeking for a law firm in Russia, VVCL — is your best choice!

What we do

Dispute resolution

VVCL specializes in counseling and handling of complex litigation involving business and government entities and individuals, each of which necessarily involves an understanding of both the business issue and the industry of the client. We represent leaders in diverse industry sectors in connection with their most important litigation matters. What sets us apart from our peers is our depth of trial experience and comprehension of  the needs of our foreign clients.

Our ultimate goal is to advance clients’ interests. We understand that a client’s business plan, balance sheet, and competitive profile are critical elements for successfully positioning litigation matters from the outset. We are committed to developing solutions to help our clients solve their toughest problems, and we approach each new challenge as an urgent business matter to be resolved expeditiously and cost-effectively. We specialize in work for clients across all industries with respect to disputes including:

  • breach of contract
  • right in rem defense
  • business torts
  • corporate disputes
  • recognition and enforcement of foreign court and arbitrage decisions in Russia
  • insurance disputes
  • regulatory litigation
  • bankruptcy proceedings
  • employment litigation
  • protection of business reputation

We aggressively seek litigation solutions short of trial, and we have significant expertise in alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and arbitration. In structuring settlements, we look at the overall insurance, regulatory, and tax implications—both in the near-term and for the future. When trial is called for, we bring exceptional experience and skill to the courtroom as well as an impressive record of success.

Due diligence

We know the issues of foreign companies which are just starting running a business in Russia. It is highly important to have total volume of information about what you acquire, how you acquire, who is a seller and how will you manage what you acquire.

We give answers for all this questions by gathering necessary information, providing due diligence. The legal audit will help you to avoid many risks and feel satisfied of doing business in Russia.

Find more details about what documents and information we could obtain for you in Russia.

Find more details how to set up a business in Russia.

Contact us

Phone: +7 (499) 390 76 96

E-mail: advice@vvcl.ru

Address: Moscow, Kuznetskiy Most, 7

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