Extracts from registers and more for due diligence in Russia

In Russia due diligence is a must as it is elsewhere. 

Every businessman knows firsthand how important is to get comprehensive information about a contracting party. To know correct address, CEO’s and founders’ details – these are the first necessary steps to start long-term business relations. 

Sometimes you have to obtain such information later, when you are getting into litigation. On this stage it’s crucial to monitor corporate structure changes, insolvency signs, hiding assets etc.

It’s not much a problem to get this data if your counterpart is a resident of the same state as you are. But you are in difficulty if you need information about a foreign company or a foreign person.

Your domestic lawyers even highly qualified could not obtain necessary official excerpts and certificates. Moreover often the documents in question should be apostilled in a relevant country. All these processes are accompanied with communication with foreign official bodies which internal bureaucratic regulations in such countries as Russia don’t afford to follow your inquiry distantly.

Surely the most negative scenario is if you get a notice that “your request has been denied”.

I, advocate Vladimir Chikin, help to avoid issues stated above if you consider obtaining information about Russian companies, persons and assets.

What kind of legal support do I provide?

I’ll help you to get various information from Russian official resources.

1. Extract from the Russian company register

It includes following data: company name, registration and tax number, address, members and founders, CEO, liquidation and insolvency records etc. Term for obtaining – about 5 days. Then if requested we could translate it and get apostille.

2. Extract from the Russian real estate register

It could be obtained concerning particular real estate unit if you know its address. (According to Russian legislation real estate is not only a land but also a building and different parts of buildings including apartments). Such excerpt shows an owner, incumbrances, title claims, area and other item’s characteristics. Term for obtaining – about 5 days. Then we also could translate it and get apostille.

3. Insolvency information

Using official resources I get all available information about insolvency of Russian companies and persons, their creditors, contested transactions and sold assets. Term for the data collecting – from 7 to 14 days.

Additionally: a list of creditors could be supplemented with an analysis of prospects of relevant insolvency process.

4. Litigation and enforcement proceeding data

Relying on data from state register I make a summary list of all litigation processes and enforcement proceedings involving Russian company in question — where it’s a plaintiff and defendant. Finally you’ll have a list of debts and receivables. Term for a data collecting – from 7 to 14 days.

Additionally: I can provide an analysis of prospects of relevant litigation processes in Russia.

5. Information about issuer

If a Russian company issues securities publicly it must publish a lot of corporate documents and reports of its activities. So I provide obtaining of such information (charters, internal regulations etc.), accounting and annual reports, emission documentation. Term for obtaining – from 3 to 10 days.

6. Information from the Russian register of pledges on movable property

Using one more helpful state register I can get necessary information for you if some property (some transport for instant) is pledged or not. This item should be personalized with a name or serial number to be found in the register. Term for the data collecting – from 1 to 3 days.

Providing this legal support I protect confidentiality of client’s information. I am constantly in contact with them and respond to their requests as soon as possible in order to ensure best results.

The list of my services above is not exhaustive. Feel free to ask your questions and I’ll consider how to obtain information about Russian companies and persons that you need.

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E-mail: advice@vvcl.ru

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